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Announcing a new service!

we can now capture stunning video of keys parts of your wedding day

We frequently get asked for either videographer recommendations or our opinion on whether our couples should have a videographer.

There's a lot to consider

  • The cost - it's another expense onto the wedding budget!

  • The number of people recording - There are already 2 photographers now there are potentially another 2 videographers with even more equipment!

Photographs are by far the superior way to remember your wedding day, video is and always has been a nice addition and a way to compliment your wedding photos however there are a couple of moments throughout the day where photographs are great but don't quite capture the moment the way video does.

  • Your vows - the tenderness and emotion of those words

  • The speeches - The fun, the jokes, those embarrassing stories, and the words of love.

  • The first dance - looks great on video and amazing in photos, they both compliment each other

That's why we are thrilled to announce that we are launching a new service to complement our wedding photography packages. New to 2023 you can now have key moments of your day videoed and/or streamed for guests who can't attend.

Our new package will give you 3 static cameras that will record your key moments such as

  • The dress reveals - Get mums, dads, the bridesmaids, or even the groom's first look reaction

  • The ceremony - Walking down the aisle, the vows, the first kiss to walking back down the aisle.

  • The speeches - capture every word from 3 different vantage points getting the speaker and guest's reactions

  • The first dance - capture that first dance

If streaming we are able to switch between the 3 cameras seamlessly, giving the videos a dynamic feel and even with the camera being static giving the impression and feel of movement.

After the wedding, we will deliver the edited video on its own as a stand-alone video and incorporate it into your wedding photo video slideshow making a beautiful video memory of your special day.

What you get

3 static cameras and low profile mounts - these units are small and unintrusive, we deliberately chose these to fit with the unintrusive style we like to blend in and let the day be about you and these cameras follow that mindset.

Professional mic's to ensure we capture every word

If Streaming, we provide a MIFI connection in case your venue doesn't have wifi

Videos streamed to facebook or youtube

Video length approximately 1-2 hours

Video recorded in 1080 that looks great

Our static cameras won't replace a professional videographer, you don't get the dynamic movement or the sweeping passes that look wonderful and so cinematic on your wedding video so if you're looking for that artistic video please get in touch we know some amazing professionals that we would love to recommend.

However ... If you want to enhance your wedding photography with high-quality videos of those key special moments from your wedding day and you don't want to break the bank, you can book us now for your wedding, you won't be disappointed.

We also are happy to offer for the first 10 of our couples to add the video option to their wedding photography the package for 50% off the standard price of £450

So you can book now for £225

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