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How to Choose Your Wedding Dress Style

Choosing the right style of the wedding dress can be challenging, as it’s hard to know right off hand which style of wedding dress will be perfect for you. Everybody is different and keep in mind that you may like a particular dress style. Still, that style may not give your silhouette its fullest potential because you want to flatter your body. You're looking for the perfect wedding dress for the most special day of your life. Each gown has different structures of how it is structured and flows to the body’s shape. You wear your wedding dress; you do not want the wedding dress to “wear you.”

The A-Line Dress

An elongated bodice and waistline open into the full skirt beyond the waist in this dress style. As by the name, the A-line dress makes your silhouette look like the letter A. It is an elegant and classic style for formal and casual weddings. The flared skirt of the dress highlights the body's natural curves. You can wear your favorite heels or comfortable shoes since your feet won't be exposed when wearing this type of gown. A more relaxed skirt makes it a highly versatile style of dress.

The Trumpet Dress

Straight lines run down the dress's bodice and hips, while its skirt started just above the thigh area and flared into a trumpet-like shape. This makes the dress easy to move around in, so you are ready for the dance floor. Since this dress has a straight body, it draws most of its attention to the stomach and hips. This style may be ideal if you have a slim waistline. The Trumpet-style dress will bring out those features in this silhouette if you have a curvy figure. A fuller figure may not find this dress style ideal because it enhances natural curves.

The Mermaid Dress

Mermaid dresses have fitted bodices, enhancing your body's natural curves down your waistline and hips. A full skirt flares out below the knees, making this dress ideal for curvy brides. The Mermaid shape highlights the body’s waist and hips. Unlike the Trumpet, the skirt flares out further below the knee level, which flares out mid-thigh. The fit-and-flare style of the Mermaid dress gradually flares out and provides comfort when moving around it in, doing dancing, walking, or climbing stairs quickly.

The Ball Gown Dress

This style of dress immediately says fairytale princess fantasy. Fitted bodices, defined waistlines, and voluminous skirts are common characteristics of these dresses. They are constructed with fabrics like taffeta and tulle, with a tiered skirt having a bouffant style. For a dramatic look, you should choose a ball gown. Its top and bottom halves create contrast and look great on most body types. However, petite body types may be swallowed by the layers of the gown, and curvy body types may look fuller in this silhouette. Ball gown dresses are beneficial for weddings in cooler months as it provides lots of coverage and warmth under the layers.

Before choosing your wedding dress, ensure you’ve determined your body type and measure yourself to recognize the right style for your wedding. Contrasting your body accents helps you quickly find the best silhouette for your gown. It’s essential to find a bridal shop with diverse collections so that you can find your perfect dress. Your wedding dress consultant will also help identify your body style and suggest styles that would be perfect for you. Try on the suggestions; you never know which one you may fall in love with.


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