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The best of 2021

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I celebrated 6 years since doing my first wedding (time really does fly when your having fun) and 2021 has been THE BEST year yet! My level of gratitude for doing this job has increased no end after having pretty much a year off in 2020, i knew i loved what i do but having it taken away really let me know how lucky i am. Whats amazing is that I made it through my busiest wedding season ever without picking up any illness especially the one that shall not be named! whats a amazing is that I managed to meet every couples rebooked dates without making any couple wait more than a 3 weeks for their images. I’ve found this year that Brides, Grooms and their families are just so happy being able to finally celebrate together and the dance floors in the evenings have been better than I can ever remember them being, its clear everyone really needed to party.

This years stats

We took 90,000 images

Delivered 12,000 images to our couples

Photographed 32 weddings, the most yet!

Delivered 10 printed wedding albums ... Albums are making a big come back!

Traveled 12,300 miles

Opened a studio and spent £10k doing it ... that hurt!

Changed over to electric for the majority of our transport with a back up 4x4 - not electric but we'll never miss a wedding due to snow!

2021 was an amazing year and we can’t wait for 2022, below are some pics from 4 of our weddings in 2021.

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