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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

We've had our studio in Gateshead for over a year, and having a space to call home, a space to work from, and a space to work with clients has been invaluable and a joy to have. We've conducted our pre-wedding consultations there, had some amazing baby shoots, and very messy cake smashes and during the winter months got creative with some product photography work. Therefore it was quite sad after an astronomical rent increase, we made the sensible but emotional decision to close the doors and found ourselves homeless!

Never to be kept down we moved quickly to build an office to work from and we love it, it's a dream to edit in our custom workspace, and I'm sure Courtney will strongly agree and complain about not having it open to clients gives me the freedom to be messy lol or as I call it "creative". Having this workspace retreat is great but not having a client space for the past month has been a challenge so I am very pleased to announce a new space for us to work from. After a trial, this month we've partnered with Hidden Heights in Gateshead to use their studio when we need it, Hidden Heights located in the railway arches next to the tyne bridge is an amazing space and a significant upgrade from our previous studio, from the tall ceilings, loads of natural light, multiple backdrops and state of the art equipment we are extremely spoilt.

The Hidden Heights space has added benefits, the space is divided into 2 with the studio taking the back half of the space, and the front half is dedicated to hairdressing, barbers, makeup and with the team winning awards for their hairdressing why not treat yourself to pamper session and photoshoot.

We couldn't be happier and cant wait to book more studio work in, if anyone would like to book a studio session our studio website is the same

and if you'd like to find out more about hidden heights here's their info

Arch 4, Brandling Street, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE8 2BA

We are located in between The Sage and the Tyne Bridge in the Gateshead railway arches 'Hymers Court'.

Phone (0191) 4774368

Thanks for reading

Richard - LUX


(Credit to Hidden Heights for the Images)

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