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Wedding Showcases this year

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Planning a wedding is a significant task to undertake, you need to find the the venue, entertainment, a table dressing service, a cake, a DJ, that dress of your dreams and a photographer to mention a few. Wedding showcases are often the perfect way to meet your vendors all under one roof.

Some pointers when visiting a wedding fair

  • Arrive early and plan to spend the whole event there. This is usually 3-5 hours but if you take your time to speak with each vendor you'll be lucky to get round everyone.

  • Have a list of questions, needs, wants and desires that you can talk to your vendor about. It's a good idea to have a wedding file with ideas and bring it with you.

  • Don't sign with the first person you see, talk to everyone and make sure your get the best person for your needs and the perfect person to join your wedding team.

  • Don't let cost be the deciding factor, if you select purely based on budget you guarantee disappointment with the result. I've lost count of the number of people who thought they got the deal of a life time only to be let down or get substandard results.

  • Lastly tickets are either free or come with a small charge, book early as you often get a free gift or gift bag for early bookings.

So you're planning a wedding this year here are the wedding showcases were attending, come along to one or all of them and make sure to say hello we can't wait to see you there.

The Hilton Hotel, Newcastle, February 6th 2022

Beamish Hall Hotel, Beamish, February 13th 2022

The Grand Hotel, Sunderland, March 13th 2022

Spanish City, North Shields, March 20th 2022

South Causey Inn, Beamish, April 6th 2022

NUFC, Newcastle, April 24th 2022

Wynyard Hall Hotel, Teeside, May 22nd 2022

The Grand Hotel, Sunderland, June 23rd 2022

The Hilton Hotel, Newcastle, October 2nd 2022

The Grand Hotel, Sunderland, October 23rd 2022

Can't wait for a wedding fair, get in touch now and we can arrange a phone or face 2 face consultation to talk about your wedding

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