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Why we love the South Causey Inn as a wedding venue.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The team

It's a stunning venue with great food and loads of options but overall the number one reason we love the South Causey Inn is the team. They look after each bride and groom and their guests to an unbelievable high standard. The first time we did a shoot there it impressed us, we shoot at a lot of venues and 99% are ran by great teams, but South Causey takes to another level, we initially thought this was a one off (maybe they knew the couple) but each subsequent visit we witnessed the same level of service. Our clients love the venue and we love the venue and as they're so attentive they make our job easier meaning we always get amazing photos.

The venue

Nestled in 100 or so acres not far from Beamish, the location before we even talk about the hotel is stunning beautiful rolling hills for miles its the prefect setting for a country wedding. The venue its self is stunning and immaculately presented it has the choice of four venues, The Old Barn, The Durham Suite, The Beamish Barn, and The Farmhouse they are all individually unique and stand-alone venues completely separate from each other which cater to a different size, type, and style of weddings. We've shot a wedding their whilst another 2 weddings were under way and you would not notice there was no noise spill over, no delay in service and no mixing of guests they are always ran separately and that's a credit to how organised the team at South Causey is.

The options

This where they again take it to another level, from table dressing, entertainment, menu tasting, wedding extras, pamper packages and more. They have plenty of enhancements for you to choose from which can be discussed with the team. If you're staying the night why not try out the double decker bus or one of the cottages all with different themes. They have dining pods for a meal the night before or why not treat your self to a cocktail or three at the hotpot cocktail bar. Honestly I could go on and on about what's on offer but for more details there website is its worth a visit. They also hold wedding fairs a couple of times each year where we generally have a stand so come visit the venue have a look around and call in to say hello and see some of our latest work.

We'll see your there


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