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A Wedding at Hardwick Hall

In the gorgeous countryside of County Durham, you will find Hardwick Hall. As a result of its transformation, it now offers inspiring facilities for your wedding day. Hardwick Hall, or 'Herdewyk,' as an actual estate dates back to 1183, and the Manor from 1435 was a former country house for the squires of Sedgefield. This area offers beautiful views of Country Park Lake and Serpentine. In addition, the hotel can accommodate weddings for groups ranging from 10 to 500 guests in one of its suites.

The Floral Chapel

The Floral Chapel connects romance with elegance. A high ceiling fireplace decorated with flowers and exposed wooden beams makes for an enchanting wedding with a rustic, chic theme. The suite provides a private bar across its two levels. The Floral Chapel is a charming spot for wedding photographs, and LUX Wedding Photography can capture those romantic features of your wedding ceremony and reception in spectacular photos. The elegance of this suite will shine with you on your wedding day.

The Coleman Suite

The Coleman Suite is a customizable suite with Hardwick Hall, as you can split this area with partition walls. If you split the area, there are two entrances with two reception areas, each with a bar for privacy. Six gorgeous crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings, with tiers of crystals shimmering in the mirrors surrounding them. LUX Wedding Photography can capture the enchanting elegance of this suite to make your wedding photographs shine and gleam in this excellent wedding and reception suite.

The Boyne Suite

A wedding in the Boyne Suite can accommodate about 40 guests. This suite has ornately oil-painted ceilings and décor that is traditional but still very stylish. It is worth mentioning that this suite was the original dining room of the Hardwick Hotel, and they have preserved it in its natural state.

Paddock Marquee

The Paddock Marquee is limited for availability during the summer months only. It is open May through September and has access to its private garden. The marquee is perfect for a summer garden-themed wedding. The decor of this suite is a combination of beautiful champagne linens and trellises, bringing an element of undeniable elegance to the area. Chandeliers hang from the top of the frame. You can be confident your outside wedding will be safe from the elements within the gorgeous trellis, complete with protection from the wind. It will be decorated in harmony with your dream wedding, creating the perfect ambiance for your special day.

This venue offers traditional wedding event options across its four enchanting suites, and LUX Wedding Photography will be there for you to capture photos of memories that will last forever. Our photographers are excited to be part of your special day at Hardwick Hall. These suites provide a stunning backdrop for all of your wedding photos and a stunning venue for your wedding. Hardwick Hall will lavish you in grace with this venue regardless of which suite you choose and the best part you will not find hidden costs or pushy sales tactics.

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