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"The Ultimate Guide to Using Confetti at Your Wedding: Top Tips and Creative Ideas"

  1. Yes to confetti! It’s a defining moment of any wedding and makes for some of the most memorable photos. So, go ahead and plan for it.

  2. Check with your venue to ensure that they allow confetti. Some venues may only allow biodegradable confetti, some only allow confetti in certain areas, so make sure to check in advance.

  3. Chat with your photographer to get the best confetti photos and videos. We can suggest ways to help you achieve the best photos possible. One suggestion is to hide out for five minutes somewhere after the ceremony, just the two of you, while your bridesmaids and ushers dish out the confetti. Then, line up your guests, armed with confetti, and create an epic moment of celebration as you make your exit through a confetti tunnel to cheers and whoops from your friends and family!

  4. Source the good stuff. When buying confetti for your wedding, if you can ensure it’s fully biodegradable. Natural petal confetti is a great idea – it floats well and looks so pretty! We find the best confetti is larger paper strips or paper disks these float and stay in the air the longest as well as giving a good burst of colour (the bigger the confetti pieces the easier it is to dust off afterwards as well 😊)

  5. Get loads of it! You can never have too much confetti. It’s better to have too much than too little. Ideally you want your guests to have two handfuls each, whilst individual ouches are nice we recommend filling a basket and letting everyone grab some, its quicker gives better results and is easier to organise.

  6. Confetti cannons. These are cool and give a large burst of confetti into the air

  7. Throw it up in the air. Encourage your guests to throw the confetti up in the air over you rather than directly in your faces.

  8. Bubbles. In the event your venue say no (booo) then why not opt for bubbles and to really make it special add in a few bubble guns to fill the air with bubbles

  9. Evening wedding. Not a problem replace your confetti tunnel with a sparkler tunnel for a magical alternative to a confetti throw.

  10. Have fun! Remember, this is a moment of happiness, joy, and celebration. So, enjoy it to the fullest!

We hope you found the ultimate guide to using confetti at your wedding helpful, here are a few examples of confetti throws at some of our weddings. enjoy 🙂

(Here's some confetti we recommend

Wedding confetti at Spanish city Whitley Bay
Wedding confetti throw

using sparklers instead of confetti at Shotton Grange
An alternative to a confetti throw

make confetti a little extra special with confetti cannons
Confetti Cannons

Using large confetti for a wow confetti throw
The ultimate confetti throw

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