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Full day Wedding photography packages

We get so many enquiries asking about our All Day Wedding Photography Packages for weddings in the North East (i.e. our Diamond Package & our Platinum Package) so I thought it would be helpful to provide you some additional information via a blog! So here goes…..

Your Wedding Day Story

Here at LUX Photography, we strongly believe that your wedding day photos should reflect the story of TWO people, rather than just one. Of course the Bride is THE most important part of the day, but, Groomy is important too! What can often happen is that the main focus tends to be on the Bride & her family, whilst Groomy’s story can often fade into the background, this happens at most weddings with a single photographer! As a father of a son and 2 daughters, I see both sides, I understand the importance of focusing on the Bride but think it’s incredibly disappointing when opportunities are missed and focusing predominantly on the bride misses loads of great images as well as only telling some of the story of the day. Some will say that this is down to planning, but it often comes down to timing & the sheer pressure that one photographer is under during the day, after all you can only be in one place at a time!

Precious Memories

That day will never come again & it’s a special day for both families, from beginning to end. How we do this is you get 2 photographers as standard! No compromises, no missed opportunities just all of the photos that you'll want from the day.

Here at LUX Photography we take a different tack! Enter left of stage, our ‘All Day Wedding Photography Packages’ – ta dah! With not just one, but two photographers! By appointing two photographers to every full day wedding, we can easily tell the story of both families plus alleviate time pressures. We CAN also be in two places at one time allowing us to capture those very special & precious preparation moments! So how do we do that, you ask? Well, I (Richard) am usually dedicated to the Bride to cover all the bride preparations, whilst my colleague Courtney (also my eldest daughter), is dedicated to the Groom to do all the groom prep. Let’s face it, with a wedding ceremony time around the 2:00 p.m., half the day has already gone! So, it’s incredibly important to cover the morning preparations. This also allows you to see into each other’s world, so to speak, as you wont’ be there at this point.

Wedding Day Preparations

The morning preparations are a wonderful time to showcase the love within each family. The bond between them all is incredibly important. After all, it’s their families that have, up to this point, made them who they are.

There’s so much going on at both locations & both prep areas are very busy places. We have the main party i.e. the Bridesmaids or the Groomsmen getting ready with all that entails. Team Bride will usually be in hair & make-up, whilst Team Groom can often be visiting the pub en route to the church/ceremony.

Then we have immediate family. We usually have parents (well, it is often at their house!) plus grand-parents, god-parents, siblings & their families. There’s flowers/button holes arriving, breakfast being made & more often than not, champagne corks popping! Regardless of the location, or the action, it ALL deserves to be documented on your wedding day. After all an ‘All Day Wedding Photography Package‘ should cover just that, from the morning preparations of both parties to your first few boogies on the dance floor!

I’m not going to detail too much in this blog HOW Courtney and I work a wedding day, as of course we hope to tell you that in person should you be interested in our wedding photography services. But suffice to say that planning is key.

Wedding Photography Planning

We start out wedding photography planning about 6 weeks before your big day. We will meet you both, either at your home or our studio, to start putting our plans on paper. This meeting is called our Consultation Meeting (see below). By this time you will have appointed all of your suppliers & all the important jobs i.e. Best Man, Maid of Honour etc! It’s always lovely to hear about your wedding plans & start building a timeline.

Wedding Photography Experience

We have a great deal of experience in terms of wedding day timings. We’ve been photographing weddings for just under a decade! As such, we can provide you with lots of guidance in terms of how long you will need for each bit. This ensures that all of your wedding photography wishes are catered for.

Previous north east Wedding Photography

Take a look at some genuine examples of our wedding photography pages from our recent weddings in the north east, all of which demonstrate our documentary/Journalistic laid back style. You can also find regular updates on our Facebook Page, our blog and instagram

Emily & Shane Bolton Castle Link Claire & Christopher Roker Hotel Link Amy & Lee Langley Castle Link

Let's Talk about Your Wedding Photos

Our Consultation meeting is also used to talk about the photographs themselves & gain a better understanding of what photographs resonate with you. Of course our style of photography is our style, that’s why you booked us right! But it’s still good to talk about different aspects of the photographs, for example your formal photographs.

Formal Wedding Photographs

We will provide you with lots of guidance in terms of your formal photographs. These are the group shots i.e. Bride & Groom with Bride’s family. We have a recommended list of photographs but we totally respect that this is your day & the formal photographs will be your choice. Again timing is crucial! We plan this bit together! You let us know what you want & we will let you know how much time we need to do it this can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours its your call. As part of our wedding photography timeline we ALWAYS build in an hour’s contingency, later in the day, should we need it, this can sometimes be on the night when you might have additional guests for group shots or if you want some low light or sunset photos. During our Consultation Meeting we will ask for you input, get on Pinterest or instagram, find the images that you love and send us copies these will make up your wedding photography file and we'll prioritise either these poses or the image style.

Pre-Wedding Venue Visits

This initial ‘Consultation’ meeting is then followed up by a visit to your wedding venue/s. So if you are having a church wedding we will visit both your church & your reception venue. Venue visits are usually planned about 3-4 weeks before your big day. We'll often get in touch with ideas or questions about the venues so watch out for our emails.

Our North East Wedding Photography Packages

Our comprehensive range of wedding photography packages for the north east can be seen below LUX Photography also cover weddings across the UK and abroad, each of our all day documentary style packages feature two photographers ensuring we capture every special moment for both the bride and groom.

Have questions please get in touch or if you like what you've seen drop us a message and we can start ether ball rolling on getting you booked in and your date secured

When do we finish

We get asked this a lot, when you book us with an all day package, that's what you get. We know a lot of our competitors do "8 hours" or "7 hours" as a all day package ... WE DON'T ... All day means all day we'll get there when you need us in the morning and won't leave until your happy, in most cases this is within an hour of the cake cut and first dance but we also on many occasions stay until last orders, its your call and every wedding is different so we will read the room and check in with you on the day, after all if you and your guests are partying hard and were getting great images why would we leave.

Thanks for reading

Richard - LUX wedding Photography

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