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Video+ Service

unintrusive, low key capturing the important moments that enhance your wedding photos

HD recordings of those improtant moments

The spoken word and movement are challenging to capture in a still image, no matter how good the shot, it's difficult to capture that hilarious one-liner in a speech or the tenderness in an embrace during that first dance, our video plus service fills in these small gaps with our the need to or expense of hiring a videographer.

our camera system runs as a bolt-on to our existing camera gear where we use an add-on screen to control the cameras. Once the setup is done and the cameras are positioned, we set them to record so we can continue to capture your wedding photos, interacting with them when needed and moving the cameras when appropriate



We will provide up to 4 HD cameras to capture you special moments from multiple angles 

these cameras will be set up at key points of the day usually 

Dress reveal

The ceremony

The speeches

The cake cut and the first dance

The static cameras are unmanned and controlled remotely by one of the photographers, this allows them to be small units that are subtly placed around the room so your wedding isn't taken over by a film crew.

Epic memories

As part of your wedding photography package, you'll be getting a video slideshow of all of your wedding photos. From experience and feedback, this is the best and most popular way to look back through your photos. With Video plus you still get this but at the relevant moments of the slideshow the pictures will fade out and your video will start to play, then when finished fade back out to your photos until the next video segment.


it's an amazing way to really bring those photos and memories to life.

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