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A Wedding at Doxford Barns

Are you looking for a rustic and romantic wedding venue? Look no further than Doxford Barns. This venue is a rustic theme that eloquently meshes with the elegant modern style available indoor and outdoor spaces. Doxford Barns is located in Alnwick, Northumberland. It has over 550 acres of fields on a private country estate with a barn wedding venue. The lush green meadows make for gorgeous wedding photos during the day or night.

The Great Barn

The Great Barn is the center of the barn wedding venue and is perfect for a breakfast or brunch event. The room is decorated in festoon lights and dried hops hanging from the rustic oak beams, creating a beautiful atmosphere. The view from the Great Barn overlooks the lovely meadows, creating an exquisite backdrop and bringing charm to this already impressive space. Your wedding event photos will capture everyone’s eye from this beautiful room.

Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces of Doxford Barns make for a multitude of fantastic photo ops with your wedding party or just the bride and groom themselves, whether you’re looking for just gorgeous pictures or having an outdoor wedding. The scenery here at Doxford Barns includes Doxford lake, a farmhouse lawn, and corn fields in front of the venue itself. These areas are perfect options for your photographs with LUX Photography. On the edge of Doxford Lake, the lake's truly breathtaking overlook makes the best backdrop, including evergreen woodlands from the gazebo or dock area. The truly serene atmosphere of this area brings a quaint feeling to your pictures.

The Courtyard

Directly behind the Great Barn is a central courtyard with an outdoor lounge area. It is a peaceful, relaxing area by day, but by night against the dark-lit sky, it shines bright as the stars above. This area is gorgeous for photographs taken in the evening; when the lights are low and the stars are twinkling, the genuinely romantic atmosphere cannot be missed.

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