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10 must have wedding photos for your album

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

When preparing for a wedding we plan out what photo's we will be going after, this changes wedding to wedding depending on wedding size and our clients however there are a few that always make the list and we'd love to share these with you.

Here are 10 of the shots we try to capture for each wedding.

The Group Photo - we try to capture a photo of everyone who attended your wedding and rather than a flat line of people we do try to shake things up a little as we did here with Leigh and Andrews wedding.

Lost in each others eyes - This is such a simple photo but its makes for such a powerful and striking image you can see the love spilling out of this image of Claire and Christopher

The bouquet throw - recently we've been getting less of these but we do love a good bouquet throw as we did here at Sharon and Dereks wedding.

The Rings - There are a few different ways of capturing this one but this is one of my favourites

The first dance - the all important first dance and Bethan and Peters was just beautiful

The bouquet shot - Most bouquets don't last forever so we always try to capture this photo

Casually Walking - wether we stage this shot or just capture it as it happens seeing a newly married bride and groom smiling, talking and walking towards the venue looks makes for a lovely image Leigh and Andrew both looked stunning here.

The stunning back dip - one of my personal favourites this is clearly a staged photo but looks just breathtaking and both Claire and Christopher nailed this

The Cake Smash - not for everyone but for those that embrace a good cake smash it makes for an great photo proven here by Georgina and Callum (Cake looked lovely lol)

The Detailed Cake shot - weather a cake smash is involved or not cakes done last forever so we always like to get multiple photos to preserve the memory of your wedding cake.

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