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10 Reasons why we should be your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

1) You'll love our work

We have a photojournalistic style, our job is absolutely to capture your wedding portraits but also to capture those intimate moments of you laughing and enjoying your wedding day, to capture the little details that time might make you forget but a photograph can bring back, to capture the love laughter and emotion of your wedding day.

2) Were not intimidating and quite laid back

You're getting married it is not primarily a photoshoot shoot, its your wedding day and you should remember the day as that and not as a day you spent with a photographer. Our belief is that we need to capture the images you want with the least disruption and then blend in to the background and support you when you need it. I've been to so many weddings as a guest where you can see the bride and groom are sick of their lives and just want to be done with the photographs and spend time with their loved ones and celebrate. We work closely with our clients to understand what you want and that can be a 30 minute bride and groom shoot after the ceremony or a 2 hour session. We work with what you're comfortable with and always get the images you want.

3) We're a family run business

You're not hiring a faceless company, you're hiring us. We're local photographers our studio is based in gateshead, you can call in for a chat I'm always there if I'm not at a wedding, you'll find Courtney my daughter or Tracey my wife at the studio and if your lucky Max our chocolate Labrador. The perk of signing with a family run business is we care greatly about you and your wedding, nothing at all is too much to ask our goal is that you're happy and that you have a great wedding.

4) We have multiple photographers

There's 3 of us that work at LUX and that has a couple of benefits. Firstly if (touch wood) the worst happens and once of us is ill the other Photographers will step in so you will not be let down. Secondly our full day packages come with 2 photographers as standard, most wedding photographers work alone as they are the only person in the company, if you want a second shooter you can expect to pay out anything from £200-£400 extra. Having 2 photographers just makes things better, you can get shots of groom prep as well as bridal, you get more photos, you get better photos as there is less rushing around, you get photos from multiple angles ... the list goes on.

5) We have many failsafes to cover the what if's

My belief is if can go wrong, expect it to! We've spent a small fortune buying back ups for everything, spare cameras, spare lenses, enough batteries to shoot 5 weddings, extra memory cards, cameras that save to 2 memory cards incase 1 fails, extra lighting ... we even travel in 2 cars just incase we have breakdown. All this to my need to drive the route to your venue the week before, visiting venues to check in with your wedding planner, I even carry a sewing kit just in case you or your guest needs it ... we plan for anything that can go wrong and thankfully it very rarely does but in the event something does go wrong you'll probably never know as we've got it covered.

6) We don't charge ridiculous prices

I honestly love what I do, if I won the lottery tomorrow (fingers crossed) I'll still photograph weddings. I don't do weddings for the money I do it because I love it and as such I don't believe in charging extortionate fees for our services so we have services starting from £495 that way we have something for most budgets.

7) We're not home based, we have a physical location

There is. danger in hiring someone who's mobile, they can quite easily disappear and unfortunately over the years I have seen and heard of this so you have peace of mind knowing we have a location you can come and visit us anytime you want our address is studio A14 Design Works, William Street, Gateshead NE10 0JP we are generally there 10-7 Monday to Saturday all we ask is call ahead to book in just incase were at a wedding or have a photo shoot booked in.

8) We play well with others

Getting on with your planner, coordinator or priest is essential and you'll be please to know we play well with others, we'll touch base with any and all the key players in organising your wedding to ensure that 1, we know everything we need to 2, see what we can do to make their job easier or not make it harder 3, coordinate with them so we get the best images.

9) You get multiple ways to view your photos

Receiving your images on a usb stick or a cd or your photographer asking you to download them is ok but we try to give a bit of wow factor to it. Firstly we try to get you several images on the day of your wedding so you can post them on social media, we get a lot of positive feedback about this one (its much better than a camera phone photo) Secondly you'll receive a link to our website a week or so after the wedding where you can view your images download them and share them on social media, then for you main image delivery you will receive a beautiful wooden glass front presentation box with 20-40 prints that you select and a wooden matching USB with all of your images, your images will also be loaded into a slide show for you to view online when ever you want, just kick back Put some music on grab the popcorn and press play and you'll have the option of a luxury wedding album that you can help design.

Via our website you also have the option of ordering additional prints in a variety of finishes and sizes, we do some lovely framed prints and canvases and you can even get one of your photos on a phone case.

10) Lastly because you'll not be disappointed.

You really won't be disappointed you hired us, check out this link to see what our previous clients have said.

We would love to hear from you you can call me on 07966197452 or email me on

For more info about wedding photography visit us at and for more information about our studio work visit us at

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