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Wedding cake ideas

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

At LUX Wedding Photography we always make a point of photographing the wedding cake so you can remember it always.

Here's a few ideas for wedding cakes for your big day and a great photography tip.

Your wedding cake is a big part of your day but shouldn't be over done 1 to 3 layers, and a simple approach is all that's needed think elegance rather than over doing it. A few flowers to dress the cake, a named decoration and keepsake for the top and a nice base to sit it on and your in the right place to wow your guests and not blow your budget.

Pro Photography top tip

Please please please consider a cake smash, bad news for all you grooms out there its generally you that has to suffer this with your new bride cutting you a sizeable chunk of wedding cake and smooshing it in your face, if your a cake fan this shouldn't be to much drama and its makes for an amazing photo reel and has your guests roaring with laughter.

Worth considering or maybe for all you brides out there worth keep as a surprise for the wedding day lol.

Callum didn't have much choice in having a piece of this stunning red velvet cake, it made for a stunning and funny photography reel, it was one of the last few images we took from Georgina and Callum's wedding and was the perfect way to end the album for them.

There was a bit of debate for this one and egged on by all the guests Leigh went for it, I still can't help smiling when looking at these photos, Andrew was a little hesitant to start with but when he realised he had no choice ... well the photos speak volumes. Just brilliant.

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